What kind of builder are you?

In the building trade, there are a group of people known as “Cowboy Builders”. But this is not because they are from the Wild West; rather it’s for their poor standard of work. Innocent people end up paying a vast sum of monies for poor quality work or sometimes unfinished work. But the builders that I am talking about are like Nehemiah (Nehemiah 2:11-20). So I asked myself, “What kind of builder do I want to be?”

B is for BELIEVE

What do you believe? Do you believe in the Living God? Or are you plugged in but not turned on? Do you believe that the Word of God is the final authority? The children of Israel’s unbelief in the Living God stopped them from entering their Promised Land. What is your unbelief causing you to miss out on?


Do you understand why God has placed you where you are, i.e. in the church you are in, the pastor that you are under or your workplace? God makes everything for a purpose and season. Ask the Lord to give you the spirit of knowledge and understanding for all areas of your life.


Do you have one face for home, one for church, one for work and another for friends? If this is the case, then you are duplicitous which has its roots in deceit. Have a consistent Christ-like character that everyone from your spouse, Pastor and boss can point to.

L is for LOYAL

Who are you loyal to? You must be loyal to God, your pastor and to your spouse (your husband or your wife). You cannot say that you are loyal to God but your actions dictate you are disloyal to your pastor and your spouse. Then you are not loyal to God. How can you say that you are loyal to our Unseen God and be disloyal to your pastor or your spouse that you can see? That’s not possible and makes no sense. If you are loyal to God you will be dependable, faithful, and trustworthy, to your pastor and your spouse.


If you are not determined within yourself to accomplish something it will never get done. Nehemiah was determined to get the work done and didn’t have time for distractions, so don’t let people try to distract you from your goals and objectives.


Be encouragers to people around you. Don’t get so caught up in your own little world that you forget about the people around you. Look for opportunities to encourage those around you.

R is for REVIVAL

Some builders specialise in the restoration work i.e. bringing old buildings back to their former glories. There are some dreams and visions that God gave you that need to be revived. It’s time to resurrect those dreams and vision that you know that He gave you but this time with the wisdom of God, knowledge of God and His understanding. Your dreams and visions won’t just impact you but your community and maybe your nation.

Remember Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

So I ask you, “What kind of builder do YOU want to be?”

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