“The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones.” Ezekiel 37:1

Welcome to this special month!

For us it is special because nineteen years ago our ministry was birthed and since then we have seen the grace of God lifting us from glory to glory! Many were part of the journey and are still part of the journey and for this we are grateful.

We have been blessed to take the Good news to many nations and used by the Lord to equip saints for the work of ministry in their nations. To God alone be the glory for it is not the work of any man so no-one can take honour to himself or herself.

Looking at our ministry from the eyes of an Overseer is like watching your child grow from strength to strength with the desire to want to know the Lord and live for Him and Him only. This is our desire as a church and for this, I am grateful.

In this age when many people’s understanding of what a church is supposed to be is dependent upon what they can see; even if what they can see is deceptive they just want a church that they can see, for example:

• A church that has its own building with large crowd in it;
• A church with a large choir;
• A church with large financial record and everyone happy;
• A church where everyone is happy and smiling.

All these are good. But if this is ALL a church is then we are in trouble and no wonder we are in trouble!

No wonder we are not a threat to the power of darkness as we should be because our understanding of what Church is supposed to be is based on our vain imagination and tradition.

If God grants us buildings at least it will be His desire, without us manipulating members for payment because of the mortgage bills. Note that the early church until Rome interfered had no building. So now we have members who will give for the church building to be purchased but never thinking of paying the Pastors salaries, after all we have mortgages to pay. May God give us a fresh vision for The Body of His Son called the Church.

According to Ezekiel’s vision, he saw a valley full of dry bones. All scattered in the valley. This was what the Lord showed Ezekiel and yet these bones were the Army of the Lord. These bones were God’s people scattered in the valley.

They were not united. They were dry.

They were messed up bad; broken people with situations that look like there is no hope! They were all in the valley but their picture was of a broken messed up lives!

Ladies and gentlemen, all over the world especially the Western Church, the church has been like these bones in the valley. The lives of God’s people corporately are not what it’s supposed to be. We talk the talk but don’t walk the walk so the enemies ride over our heads.

“For You, O God, have tested us; You have refined us as silver is refined. You brought us into the net; You laid affliction on our backs. You have caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water; but You brought us out to rich fulfilment.” Psalm 66:10-12

I know right now we are mocked because of the present condition of the Church and we too mock ourselves.

We are like Samson a deliverer sent to deliver Israel from the hands of Philistines but he mingled with them and ended up with Delilah.

The consequence of his sinful passion and disobedient lifestyle caused him to lose his sight (no vision), brought him down to Gaza, bound him with bronze fetters and he became a grinder in the prison, but what the enemy did not know was what they saw that caused them to mock and laugh was not the full picture!

Beloved what you are seeing right now about the church is not the full picture.

The dry bones lived again! For flesh and life was restored to the bones in the valley. Each bone found its part and TOGETHER they rose up as a mighty army! If by the Holy Spirit the Body of Christ called The Church was birthed in the Spirit of togetherness or one accord, we may not look right. We may look scattered and disoriented BUT this Army of Lord shall arise with healing in our wings and we shall march from shore to shore!

By the Spirit of God Samson was ordained as a deliverer but his lifestyle caused him to be found in the temple of Dagon, but what the Philistines did not know was while Samson was tied he was praying, repenting and crying out to God for ‘one more time’. Beloved we have been crying out to our God for a ‘one more time’ anointing that the world may know that Jesus is the Anointed Son of God and through us who believe for His name to be glorified. The word of God says Samson killed more at his death than he did while alive.

I see a glorious Body of Christ that is more than denominations, that is beyond buildings, that is more than race or culture! It’s so bad that because of denominational allegiance, brethren cannot even worship together. Where did we see this in the Body! But I see a different people whose agenda is to honour our King! Whose agenda is to please our Risen Lord.

I see a mighty army of believers going from coast to coast, crossing barriers and taking territories; living a life of sacrifice till Christ be formed in our lives!

That is the Church I see!

In this year of Restoration, let us all Arise and be that Church and may the Holy Spirit see us through in our becoming His Glorious Church.


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