Well done! Good and Faithful Servant!

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

There is something about this word that keeps my spirit up every time I hear it. It is the word we all expect to hear from our Lord and King Jesus when we meet Him.

But as for me, this word is not only what I want to hear when I meet my Risen Lord and King.

It is a word I hear now in my spirit which helps me to appraise my God given task on earth to be sure I am on track before I meet my Christ in Heaven eventually.

As a pioneering Pastor, I remember before the work began that I was given a pattern for the church and randomly reminded never to forget to build according to the pattern given to me. Also our good Lord told me at the beginning of my calling that faithful is He who called me and He will do what He calls me to do. So my challenge has always been to know what He wants me to do and stay connected to Him for grace of accomplishing the task.

Do you know that over the years since the work began, if these two words did not ring in my ears and they still do, (as a clue to watchfulness) I would have side tracked to copy the pattern of other people’s work and run other people’s race based on the teachings and input of some ministers and members alike over the past decade. This is not to negate godly counsel (thank God for those who have given me God fearing counsel also over the years) after all Proverb 11:14 teaches that “where there is no counsel, the people fall, but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety”. The counsel of Jethro did not affect the building of the Tabernacle. Selah!

Beloved, what worked for me based on the grace given me for my assignment will not work for you and as a result of copying each other we have cloned our churches after the ideas of others. Some of us have even missed it long time ago (and these ones know it) but pride has held them bound from repenting and to keep the church or ministry going they have chosen to borrow ideas from America and other places while forgetting that some of the influences of such ideas have been negative and destructive in the Kingdom of God. I have nothing against Americans. One of my sons in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ is a pioneering Pastor in North Bruswick NJ – thank God for his life and that of his wife too. My entire family has been greatly blessed by the good of America and we still are, however we all must see that even the American Church, through carnality, has missed it a long time ago and they too must repent like all of us!

Thank God that the Church of Jesus Christ is neither American nor African! It is bigger than these two continents! We are from all nations and all the continents under the sun. Halleluyah!

Some Pastors have never even been to America but their church services are as if they are in America all because of affiliation to an American organisation. I have never seen nor heard of any American, even black led church, sing like Africans (if they do it is because they travelled to Africa).

What is the pattern for your assignment on earth?

What will you be commended for when you stand before the Lord on the Day?

You will not be commended because you do ministry or attend church services. It is more than that. It is about your act of worship and service born out of sheer dedication, commitment, loyalty and complete obedience to Him.

When Noah was to build the Ark of safety, Moses the Tabernacle in the wilderness and Solomon the Temple of worship, they were each given a pattern to build with. Can you imagine while building the door in Noah’s ark if someone told him to add another door in case of emergency. It sounded good but that was not the pattern. Bezalel was telling Moses that the pattern of the Tabernacle should be modernised, after all he was a master artisan. What type of Tabernacle would they have had?

My brethren, let the word of Apostle Paul from in 1 Corinthians 3:9-10 ring in our ears and hearts “for we are God’s fellow workers, you are God’s field, you are God’s building. According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it”

What structure are you building on the foundation you laid when you began the ministry?

Remember those days when you were not popular and your name was obscure in the desert of life! Pastor you were the first to arrive for service and to start on time. But now “it is not necessary”. You are not even there to start worship with your congregation because that is how you saw a Pastor/Bishop do it when you were a guest speaker. So you change your discipline. You are busy on the phone while praises to our King of kings is on and when you finish your conversation, the protocol officers comes to usher you into service and your reason is “you were praying”.

Even the Queen of England and her Priests are never late for service as much as her name is on the lips of people over the world. What has Christ done to deserve this from us! Pastors, let us repent and build according to pattern that will cause the word “well done” be spoken over our lives before it is too late.

Also you who are congregational members, what life are you living since you have now “arrived”. Remember the time you could not do without the Bible in your hand while going to the House of God but now, you have been taught by modern preachers that it is not necessary. It will be on the screen for you on Sunday!

iPod and other electronic media have replaced carrying the Bible in your hand and may I ask you what else do you use the iPod for during and after service?

O parents do you remember too when you used to run with your children to catch the train or the bus to church because you did not want to be late, but now, the Lord has blessed you with a car or cars it does not matter. You will “catch the service” or you and your wife do not need to go together brother, she can go you will join her later. By the way why run to church when your pastor will not be there on time anyway?

God have mercy on us.

The word “well done” is a word used when you have satisfied Jesus Christ who sent you and you did the job according to His satisfaction not according to self-satisfaction. Remember, that word is not coming from Angels or the 24 Elders in Heaven but from our King Himself! Stop and think now my fellow brethren, since we are still breathing, let us all remember where we have missed it (if you have not done so) and make it right.

The word “well done” is not only for those in the Office of Christ but for everyone who has made Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour.

May I remind you at this point that Silas was not an Apostle but he was a faithful minister of Christ in the early church to both Apostles Paul and Peter, Demetrius had a good testimony among the faithful members and from servants of Christ also (3John1:9-12). Is your testimony good to those who are in the church and outside the church? When Apostle Paul came to Troas to preach Christ gospel, and a door was opened to him by the Lord, he said he had no rest in his spirit because he did not find Titus his brother in Troas so he left for Macedonia. The faithfulness of Titus was evidence in Paul’s ministry. Even though Paul was an Apostle and the door of the city of Troas was opened for him but he followed the pattern given him when he could not see his protégée. Read Romans 16. These ones are not all Apostles but saints who were in Rome and the Gentile Churches.

There was a wicked protégée who changed the prayer ministry of his church because he was the one who help gave jobs to some of the members and money to his church. He used the closeness to his Pastor negatively. He began by advising his Pastor that women (who were always in church to pray and God was working wonders in the church until he arrived) should be allowed to rest at home with their children while men pray. The idea sounded good to the Pastor at the time not knowing that the “rich man” was an agent from underworld to destroy the ministry of the Pastor in the area. It was not too long before the fire in the church began to die down and then the enemy’s assignment gained the upper hand over the church that built according to the rich man’s counsel.

Please remember that good and faithful stewards produce good and faithful stewards! You beget your kind.

Watch the advice you listen to that will persuade you to compromise and build according to a satanic agenda or worldly principle. (Wisdom from the Holy Spirit will strengthen and empower the Church and not destroy it)

To avoid the type of catastrophe above, watch closely the lives of those in your inner circle. Watch their walk with Christ. Are they still fervent in the Lord, committed to His cause or they are like Demas. It is a matter of time before they too walk away because they love the pleasure of this world.

Pastors, please be watchful of the rich young rulers. Be watchful of the famous ones too. Members that have money and charisma without godly character have derailed many!

Let us learn to flee from the appearance of evil.

Watch those who are giving to individuals more than the corporate body. Watch those who give you personally to buy your conscience so that you can do their bidding when it is commanded.

Guard jealously the vision God gave you in order to establish His Kingdom in your allotted territory and the pattern of fulfilling the vision. Fight a good fight of Faith over it for the sake of the elect under your pastorate.

Also to you my brethren who are redeemed with the Blood of Jesus Christ, it is time you do the same for very soon we shall fold the Tents! The signs are all around us that “It will be all over soon”.

Finally, let the word “well done good and faithful steward” ring in your ears and heart NOW as a key to faithful living.

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