Welcome to a New Year and a New Season!

“Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and the deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentles shall come to your light and Kings to the brightness of your rising.” Isaiah 60:1-3

As you celebrate your entrance to 2015, remember 2014 is in the PAST! Not your future or TODAY!

We have lots of great encounters with divine grace that are awaiting us this year but we have been told to arise! To arise means to get up! Get on your feet. Get up, get on your feet right now to experience God afresh. Get up to experience the glory of the Lord.

In 2015, you are not only to ARISE or get on your feet and be passive but you are to SHINE.

To shine is to illuminate your communities as an agent of light. You are to illuminate your communities with God given gifts and the fruits of the Spirit that speaks of the Kingdom you represent while the door of grace is still open.

The word of God declares that we are the light of the world. A city that is set on the hill cannot be hidden. Wherever you find yourself this year you are an agent of change in that community, don’t expect someone else to bring the change – YOU are to make change happen as the light in that community.

Expect souls to gravitate towards you as ministers of reconciliation.

As light speaks of solution, see yourself as a problem solver through the grace of God over you.

In 2015, we are to get up and begin to shine as light in the midst of darkness.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you just imagine if each neighbourhood, or community has pocket of lights shining? What do you think will be the effect?

It will cause a stir. There will be interest as to “what is going on” and many out of inquisitive mind will wonder and enquire of the hope that we have in us.

Some of us at a point in life must have practically experienced or still experiencing a degree of lack of electricity. Either through street lights that were dysfunctional or house without electricity. As we draw closer to where there is light we are excited. I believe that this year many will rejoice at their closeness to your life and some in your community will rejoice over your presence.

May you be a solution this year Isaac was light in Gerar. In the midst of famine God kept him and his family. The land that was dry became fertile soil and provided water to drink. I prophesy that in 2015 because you are light in your community the land will not be dry for you and where there is dryness our Good Lord will provide resources and quench your thirst!

Joseph was light in the house of Potiphar. His light illuminated his master’s house and he became solution to his boss, solution in prison and the nation.

Even though he suffered affliction for being light in the midst of darkness but the light cannot be hidden! While in prison, he was light until he became light to the nation of Egypt! May the Church of Jesus become light in the UK as the glory of God is seen upon us.

David’s light shined in the presence of King Saul, to the extent that Saul’s madness left him.

As agent of light, may this year be your year to record unusual deliverance in people’s lives as your light dispels their darkness!

The amazing thing is that no matter how much your light is in the lantern, it will not be bright until you clean the lantern of dirt and remove the dead wicks! Even if there is enough oil in the lantern the light will not shine until you look into why the light is not shining brightly.

The light is on but the wick is weak and glass is dirty so it cannot give you the light needed in dark areas. I believe the process of cleansing is not limited to 2014 but on-going.

The more our hearts are cleansed the more the light shine. The cleansing of our eyes is to see clearly and our ears to hear and understand effectively, so we can shine for our light has come.

This year is our year to encounter the glory of God through Jesus Christ as our light shines in the midst of darkness.

Light beget light

As we arise, the Lord will arise over us! Let us all take the step and see the awesomeness of God empowering us to do great exploit this year. As our light begins to shine the glory of the Lord will be seen and Gentiles will come to our light and Kings to the brightness of our rising.

For quite a while we have fasted, prayed and done all the necessary Christian disciplines but have not encountered God as we should. I believe we have entered a different season in the history of the Church, that the remnants who have been cleaning their “lanterns will experience the shining of light to see clearly and for others to see.”

What are some of the results of shinning lights in your communities?

Expect unusual favour, uncommon resources for the ministry of Christ, opening of great doors of opportunities in 2015 and every adversary defeated on the way.

I am expectant of the goodness of the Lord Jesus as I arise and begin to shine.

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