We are Christians and Thank God I am proud to be One by His Grace

I have heard many times that Christianity in Europe is becoming history because of secularism.

May I say to my readers that secularism is not limited to Europe, but to the West generally.

Someone once said that when Christianity began, it started with relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but when it got to Greece, it ended up as a Philosophy on reaching Rome, it became an Institution. In Europe as a whole, it is now a culture and now America has commercialised it!

For some, everything is seen in $s. (Thank God for God fearing ones)
For you to be healed you have to sow for it. For your loved ones to be saved, you have to sow for it. “For you not to lose your salvation” you must sow for it!

There is offering for oil, water, handkerchief (of all colour), special sword that cut the ear of Roman centurion, chariot of fire that carried Elijha to Heaven, different Bibles with concordance and yet to some of them faith is not there.

We all know that the real Jesus never asked anyone to sow for their healing. He was moved with compassion and healed them. But today so called “Christian preachers” are different. I wonder who they represent and whose they are.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am of opinion that if a cloth is dirty, the necessary thing is to take it for dry cleaning. If you are sick, you go to the doctor.

Right now I know that we are not clean but thank God for His cleansing process going on! We shall be cleansed and made ready to meet our Lord and King in the air soon!

The enemy is doing its best to make the world believe that Christianity is old fashion and it is a sect.
If following Jesus Christ on daily basis, serving His purpose on earth and not be conformed to the dictate of this world is what you call a sect, then we Christians are a sect.

If being a Christian SUNDAY – SUNDAY (not Monday to Saturday as a secular believer and on Sunday put on church cloth) makes us a sect, and then let it be.

If giving to promote Christ Kingdom on earth through preaching of the gospel is what makes us a sect, then we are sect.
Just because some eggs are bad does not make the whole eggs in the tray bad. Just because some are greedy, selfish, immoral and uncaring does not speak of the whole Body.

The Church of Jesus Christ is more than American Church, European Church, African Church etc…. The Body is global with parts from all around the world!

I am not ashamed to say I am a CHRISTIAN BY GOD’S GRACE!
To all my brothers and sisters around the world it is time to stand up and be counted as A CHRIST FOLLOWER!

Remember, it was the heathen in Antioch who first called us CHRISTIANS when they SAW how believers lived. When they saw how the church loved, care, support and practically lived out the word of God. They said this is none other that CHRIST FOLLOWERS. CHRISTIANS.
I am what I am by God’s grace A CHRISTIAN! For this I am not ashame to declare it even on my blog.

You may say but you are a preacher. Yes but I have come to know that some preachers are in ministry for livelihood so being a CHRISTIAN 24/7 does not matter to them. It is a job they entered into.

Some of us have nowhere to go to. We have left our professions and degrees to follow our Master because we are CHOSEN for His purpose on earth.

On behalf of such people, we are not ashamed to be called CHRISTIANS AND WE ARE PROUD TO BE SO!

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