To God Be The Glory – We Are Crossing Over!

“Then Joshua rose early in the morning; and they set out from Acacia Grove and came to the Jordan, he and all the children of Israel, and lodged there before they crossed over.”
Joshua 3:1

I remember when we all gathered in our church at the Crossover night in 2013, expecting the clock to strike midnight, ringing in the new year so we could hug one another and say “Happy New Year” to 2014. It was like couple of months ago.

To God be the glory, our continuous journey of purpose is getting clearer and better by the day.

Just like the children of Israel who journeyed for forty years to get to the Promised Land, we are all on a journey of purpose too and I believe that this month is our month of preparation to cross over to take over our promised lands.

Looking back to this year of Restoration, the prophetic picture is clearer than before to all of us now than when we first began.

I know that God has been restoring us individually and corporately as He promised so that we will not be put to shame. I know for a fact that many have testified to this in our church and our readers too.

I want you to please bear in mind the purpose of restoration – that we will not be put to shame and as God’s people to enter God’s rest and be His delight and ambassadors to the nations.

The process of restoration is not over. Be expectant!

As we prepare to end this year:

• My counsel to you is that you begin to take stock of the goodness of the Lord so you can really appreciate the changes that have taken place in you and around you and give God praise daily.
• Take stock of the blessings restored to you so you can praise and worship Jesus Christ our Lord through whom all blessings are made possible.
• Take stock to find out what you need to leave behind in 2014 which will not be profitable for the journey ahead.
• Take stock of your relationships and see who should be in your circle of 70, 12, 3, 1 as you cross over to 2015!

In stock taking beloved kindly remember one of the principles of godly living. It is not what is in the bank account that matters but the life you affected for good that is relevant in 2014.

As we begin the crossover month, it is my prayer that it will be a month of thanksgiving and a joyful end for you and your house, and that you will have reason to celebrate and rejoice this month.

If during stock taking you realise that your written goals have not become reality, don’t give up. God is still at work in your life. There is a time and season and I know that God is always on time.

I believe and so I speak over your life that as we began together in Christ so we shall all crossover till we become the Army of God in Christ to establish God’s purpose for The Body of His Son!

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