There is a Man/Woman of God in Your City!

And he said to him, “Look now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honourable man; all that he says surely comes to pass. So let us go there; perhaps he can show us the way that we should go.” 1 Samuel 9:6

Ladies and gentlemen this word is still true today. For me, the issue is not what we do but WHO we are.

My friends, do you right now still believe there are men and women of God in your City? This was at a time when Israel was backslidden. Oppressed by their enemies and the picture was bad. Yet Saul’s servant made the statement that there was a man of God in the city and he was honourable.

There are still honourable men and women of God in my city and your city too!

Hmmm… You may find that difficult to believe because you once sat under dishonourable leader who cared less of the state of your soul, but all he or she demanded was tithes and offerings with offerings five times in a single service and made you feel guilty you could not give. It’s so bad that many are badly in debt trying to turn God into vending machine. Maybe your leader once ran away with his secretary leaving his wife and children or she walked away from her home with her youth Pastor. There are many maybes nowadays just like in the days of Samuel. Yet the testimony was “there’s a man God of God in this city and he is an HONOURABLE MAN and all that he says comes to pass.”

Let us ALL look at the order you need to see in a man of God.

1: There’s man of God

He was not people pleaser. He fears God than man!

Samuel knew who he was. So my fellow labourers in Christ Vineyard let us remember who we are in our purpose. You are a man or woman of God. God called you, God sent you, His Holy Spirit is to lead you as you lead His people. Let’s feed the people of God the word of God! Let’s turn the table down and drive away those who have turned the house of God to business enterprises. Let’s drive out those that are robbers and murderers of destinies. Please allow the God of the House to rule and reign.

Let us wake up and BE who God called us to be to His people. We are not just human beings! We are Man and Woman of God with His authority to PULL people OUT of the PIT till Christ be formed in them as He is being formed in our own very lives.

2: He was an Honourable man

To those who walk honourably I thank God for your lives! Thank you for paying the price. It’s lonely that’s why it’s not an easy road.

But generally, Oh Lord let’s bring back honour, reverence, and integrity to the office we are. Enough of the public shame and disgrace we have brought to ourselves and our families. No child ever asked to be born! How can you have children waking up and reading about you in the tabloid for sexual assault and all other wicked ways not to be mentioned. How can we have dishonour when we are the ones who have the Word to shut the rain or release the rain? How can we have dishonour when the word that release blessing over the people is in our mouth (and we have witnessed the power of the word turn lives around). Is it not because we forget who we are and compromise who we are to be who we are not?

When was the last time you encounter the God who killed the first born of the land of Egypt to set His people free? Can you even remember when last you have divine encounter ONE TO ONE? Or because you have money and you have a building that’s a blessing that gives you the right to live a disjointed, dishonoured lifestyle? Let’s wake up my brothers and sisters AND that’s another thing we have been so far away that we forget… It’s another Friday Please it’s not a Show night to dress like priest in prayer shawl, etc or social weekend! Let’s cry out to God for fresh encounter with Jesus Christ!

3: What he says come to pass

I believe that the mark that we represent God is that the word must come to pass!

When God’s people come to us we must be able to let them know the mind of Christ on their issues. Some will receive it some will not but that’s ok. As man or woman of God whether they receive or not as long as we live honourable knowing who we are and who we represent, the word will come to pass.

Please NOT the same weekend like the previous one!

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