The 25th of December is marked down in every diary of a new year as Christmas Day; a day of celebration, jubilation and excitement. I remember growing up so excited for that special day. I would count down the days until it finally arrived with my eyes beaming and thinking of all the wonderful delicious dishes that my stomach would enjoy.

I asked my mum one Christmas what Christmas Day was like in Ghana she told me that it was a lovely time and that it was at Christmas that you could enjoy Joloff Rice and Chicken! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the food at Christmas trust me, but after all that I would stop and think and ask myself is the story and the meaning of Christmas lost in translation and the answer is… “yes!”

In the 21st century we are bombarded with glamorous adverts on TV and special offers as we walk down the streets tugging at our heartstrings reminding us to buy buy buy!! Again there is nothing wrong with giving gifts as I mentioned in my last article, but if you ask many people in the streets after Christmas, they will tell you that they have run into debt after the huge amount of Christmas shopping and now have to do overtime to cover their lavish spending.

Hmm… take a pause and think: Christmas Day was the day that Jesus Christ was born on right? In all truth probably not as the Jewish calendar and the Roman calendar are different, but so many people get wrapped up on this question but for me it doesn’t matter about the date what matters is the GIFT that came into the world on that day. Luke 2:11 (AMP) says, “For to you is born this day in the town of David a Savior, Who is Christ (the Messiah) the Lord!” God our father gave us His Son Jesus Christ as an expression of his love; He wanted us back into His family.

So He is truly the reason for the season as we draw closer and closer to the Christmas period in December.

So what does Christmas mean? Why celebrate it anyway? Well Christmas for me means hope because through Christ I have a second chance and I have a kingdom family. So during this Christmas season let’s reflect on how God has been so good to us as the year draws to a close.

Don’t allow anyone to be alone this Christmas, invite people into your home, shower them with love and tell them about the GIFT of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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