The Love of God

Romans 5:5 “…because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us”.

I never knew how much God loves us, until when I personally experience it, i was totally blown away and realise how loving our heavenly father truly his, personally I used think he is a judge and if we sin he will just kick us out of his house and say we are not his children no more but he is not like that he is truly a loving papa.

After my encounter with his love, I started writing about it in one of my notebook, as Holy Spirit took and show me different passages in the bible to show me the love of our heavenly father, which am going to share some of it with you here on my blog, let me tell you one big FACT, you see the moment you experience the Love of God, you will do anything not to hurt him, you might hurt him unconsciously but you will never hurt him deliberately, you will always be aware of him in your life and won’t want to do anything to hurt your papa.

Rom 5:5 “…because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit…”

Look at that scripture again, God himself pour his love into our heart, so we our self can’t even love him unless he himself pour is love into our heart by His Precious Holy Spirit, so if you’re thinking you’re are the one that 1st love him I got a news for you No , No, Nope! He is the one that 1st love you by pouring in your heart his love, that why our Lord and master Jesus said in John 15:17 you didn’t choose me, I chose you, you see you can’t even love him unless he pour his love in your HEART.

Now let look at Philippians 2:13 “For it is God who is producing in you both the desire and the ability to do what please him.
You can’t even please God by yourself he is the one that pleases himself through you; you see he gives you the desire and the ability so that you can do what pleases him. That why Christianity is all about depending on God not you depending on yourself to walk this Christian walk, you see the moment you say to yourself you will work it by yourself that the time you will fall and start condemning yourself saying this Christian thing is too hard but why don’t you just relax and let him give you the desire and the ability to work this walk instead of you condemning yourself.

So Joe are you saying I don’t do anything at all yes you don’t HE IS THE ONE THAT DOES EVERYTHING IN YOU, so that you can show it outside that how much he love you , your job is just to co-operate with him by yielding to his Holy Spirit not to your flesh , you see there was a point in my Christian walk when I got so tired and couldn’t do this Christian living by myself I was so tired and fed up because I have been trying to love God by my own strength and please him by myself I felt like quitting and go back to my old state but I just open my Heart to our Lord and master Jesus and just confess to him and tell him listen Lord I can’t do this Christians thing by myself I just can’t Lord and I told him lord it all yours you do this Christian thing Lord , since then my walk with him as been the best and enjoyable thing for me now because it no longer my own work but his own work , don’t get me wrong sometimes I do sin but I quickly run back to him and ask for forgiveness.

The moment you understand that God is the one that does it all

• It will make you Humble/ knowing it not by your own doing but by his own doing

• Pride will be lifted away from your life

• Your love for God will be more

• It will make you totally Dependent on God

So Joe what have I got to do now just stop LOVING God by your own strength or think you can please him by your own power, instead just ask The Holy Spirit to give you a Heart that will love God, the Heart that will make you desire God, the heart that will make you please God and trust me Holy Spirit will give it to you. If you truly desire it.

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