The Coin

The Coin

Have you ever noticed the features on a coin?

Normally they have different designs on each side. One side you may have a head of state, then on the other side you will have the value of the coin and maybe an emblem that means something to that country. Have you also noticed that all coins differ from nation to nation. This speaks volumes to me about people.

No two people are the exactly same, even twins are different. And because people are different and unique, the way they deal with life’s challenges is different. So when dealing with difficult or awkward people, try to get a perspective of where they are coming from. When dealing with them be mindful of how you speak to them and how you treat them. In Galatians chapter 6 we are told that whatever a man sows that’s what he will reap. Be sensitive. The person you are speaking to may well be going through some unspeakable challenges of life, then you come along and deal with them abruptly or harshly, all because you wanted to get your point across. But I put it to you that is not God’s love. It’s one thing to tell it as it is, but make sure you do it in love.

Don’t vent your frustrations on someone else. And if you find that someone has vented their frustrations on you, be wise and don’t retaliate. Just walk away and give that situation a time out. If you retaliate the consequences of your actions could be like putting petrol on a fire and have damaging consequences long after apologies have been accepted.

So let us demonstrate Christian love to everyone that we meet. And let us be sensitive to those around us!

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