I came across this writing on the wall in the office of my course supervisor.

It is called “The ABC of Life” and I will like to share it with you in this month’s blog. I asked my supervisor for the name of the author but he did not know so I decided to trace it on the internet. Thank God for the internet.

I believe it will inspire you and contribute to your mental health this month.  It is attributed to a young man named Tim Lee, who addressed his classmates in 2004 at Hampton University to prepare them to face the world.

We all need a dose of encouragement to face the challenges of life. We live at a time when people give up too easily. I have made my own additions to the poem in brackets. Here it goes:

A – Accept the challenges (of life)
B – Believe in yourself (nobody will do it for you)
C – Convert your thoughts into hopes
D – Determine to convert your hopes into dreams
E – Expect some obstacles on the way up
F – Fight while being faithful and finish the course (don’t leave things unfinished; be committed to the end)
G – Get God on your side
H – Have a Harvey model of leadership (have a positive attitude to life)
I – Inspire someone else
J – Take Jesus on your journey
K – Keep on keeping on
L – Be a Leader
M – Make every day count
N – Never give up (there is light at the end of every tunnel)
O – Overcome your obstacles (confront them, don’t avoid them)
P – Put your best foot forward
Q – Quit quitting
R – Run the race with pacers
S – Strive on
T – Trust in the Lord (at all times, He will never disappoint you)
U – Use your talents
V – Value your time (don’t be a time-waster)
W – Wait for understanding (the bible says wisdom is the principal thing, Proverbs 4:7)
X – X-ray your own life-style (examine yourself to see if you are still in faith)
Y – Yearn to achieve all that you seek (nothing you want in life will just be handed to you)
Z – Be Zealous when reaching the top

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