Stop to think about your Church membership

Stop to think about your Church membership
How many churches will you go to before Jesus return and what are you looking for that’s not found in the others?

Is your last church the problem or YOU?

No matter how terrible your natural family are, you still see them as your family. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no perfect local Church. If you find one, you will spoil it? Thank God for RC, Baptist, Anglican and several elders in faith who are not in this movement that refuses to move. They’ve had bad Priests, Leaders, Rev, Canon etc… They remain solid.

What’s this restlessness on this generation and sadly we Pastors too encouraged such on many levels.  Talking down on the other ministry to gain their members who are weak and confused. Twenty-one Sunday special programmes and they are to attend each Sunday in your church forgetting they have their own church to attend.

To congregational members

Remember your testimony of the last one? “I am grateful I am part of this wonderful church. My Pastor is amazing, etc…” till you were disciplined or caught in sin or found out that the church is not social service with a vending machine or you were stopped by mature Saints of your entitlement mentality and many other reasons.

My advice of joining a local church

1: Find out about how the church started? Are they breakaway factional church or Absalom group that will soon fizzle away? Or they were established FROM… Send forth…

2: Where did the Senior Pastor come from and who is he or she accountable to EVEN if he or she is the General Overseer/Senior Pastor, what’s his or her line of accountability? No man is an island. Be careful of a ‘Lone Ranger’ Pastor.

3: What’s the honour and heart of the leadership for the WORD of God? Is the word received as Absolute Authority or not?

4: Can they correct you when you’re sinning or wrong or they will love you to hell?

5: What’s their vision and mission statement and structure that you can fit into?

6: Worship with them few times with your family and book to see the Pastor in charge. Never assume you’re a member because you attend.

7: Are they Mission minded as we are told to GO YE? If you have a mission at heart.

Finally please PRAY and decide as you’re joining with your family, especially if you have underage children. Find out what Sunday School is like and how does the Church treat their underage and elders.

Everything is not about noise and prophecy. That is to be done but it’s not a public show.

Treat your spiritual life seriously.

Remember, it is God who ADDED to the Church and every Pastor should be able to say “Those that the Father gave to me, none of them is lost except the son of perdition”, like the Master said, so we should say. Even when they migrated to another country or return to their country, they are still connected for guidance. I have many HOTRIC saints abroad and they took their time to join a church. Even with a crisis in their church, they are stable as they are built on the Rock solid.

To those who are spiritual “Gypsies”, hey it’s time to realise now that no one cares for that anymore. Settle under a Pastor who will equip you for the work of ministry, come to the full knowledge of the Son and Unity of faith, till you are established in His purpose and the affairs of the King does not suffer loss.

No church is perfect!

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