As women, we can be quite self-deprecating.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, here is a definition:
“a tendency to undervalue oneself and one’s abilities.”

Some of us may think that this trait is humility or modesty, which in itself are good things. But more often than not, what we are displaying is a lack of recognition for what our God has placed inside us.

Self-deprecation can become part of the way we (as girls and women) interact with each other. For instance, if someone comments on a nice pair of earrings I am wearing, I might say, “oh these? They were on sale, you know!” or “I’ve had them for ages, they are really old.”

Now, while this may be harmless when we are talking about jewellery, or a pair of shoes, it is dangerous if this habit bleeds into other parts of our lives and we fail to value the work that God is doing in us.

For many of us, God is faithful enough to use us for His glory in various spheres of life and ministry. Some of us are actively serving in a local church; for others, it is through raising our children to the glory of God; and for some, it is through the relationships and friendships around us. But the bottom line is this: God does work through us when we yield ourselves to Him.

However, how do we respond when someone commends us on the work that we do for Him?

Before I continue, I must say that this is a sensitive subject, because people can and do comment on what we do for the Kingdom with all sorts of motives, many of which can be ungodly. This can fan into flame the pride that so many of us struggle with.

But I am not primarily focussing on that. I am concerned with those of us who do not even acknowledge the work that God is doing in us and through us.

If you are doing this, it is not modesty.

It’s harmful, and it’s not God’s best for you.

It is neither humble, nor Godly.

This is because it disparages the work that God has done, and is doing in your life.

It is damaging to your faith, as it actually hinders your capacity to believe God for what He has in store and wants to do next in you.

In short, it dishonours and belittles God.

As women, we must fight this. I am not claiming that you are an amazing superwoman; you are not, and neither am I. But we must understand God is working in us. The bad things in us are what He is transforming; and the good things are evidence of what He has already begun to transform, for His glory.

So if someone notices any of these good things He is doing, and is kind enough to say; our response should be…

“Thank you, and thank God, who puts His treasure in us, earthen vessels.”

What a privilege!

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