It is summer season and the time of year that we have so many Christian activities going on in this part of the world, as we try to take advantage of the weather.

The challenge we face is the change of weather itself! The global weather problem is on our shore and it is amazing how summer feels like autumn.

As believers in Jesus Christ, especially those of us that have hope in His return or rather in calling us to meet Him in the air (Rapture), let us not forget the saying of the scripture.

A student is not above his teacher. Luke 6:40

We are to be proof producers on earth while representing His Kingdom. I strongly believe that for believers to accomplish His purpose on earth there are central truths to keep in our ministerial agenda.


Please let us remember as believers, whatever we do must lead people to the Cross of Calvary where Jesus died for our sins. Many people attend our churches, conferences, seminars, feet washing and even communion (no surprise many are sick and act wickedly amongst us – Satan entered Judas immediately after the last super). If we are to be true to ourselves, some of us do not have a clue what a born again experience is.

Jesus came to save the ‘lost’. The lost is anyone who has not accepted the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross as God’s gift for their soul. They may be Elders, Deacons or Pastors. They may even finance the church programmes but if they have not accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour, they are only ‘playing’ church. I know this is a tough message and we may even wonder how they can be in that position, not knowing whether they have accepted Christ or not!

Beloved, this is more reason why the message of the Cross must never be removed from the pulpit. I believe the pulpit is the place where we pull people from the pit of hell. No matter what a man does or has done concerning good work, outside of the Cross they are merely religious practices.

Please encourage and remind your friends that we need to pray for one another, stirring each other up in this truth. There are many surprises that await us all at the end of our journey on planet earth!

The anointing of Christ on our lives is to see people delivered from darkness to light, not to see them join church membership.
Isaiah 61:1-3, Luke 19:10, Acts 2:22-39

The truth is (unless we are deceiving ourselves), majority of those who sit in the churches are not living as Christ disciples because they are not trained to live as Christ disciples!

There are those who are disciples of Paul, Apollo, Cephas, and each disciple boasted in the uniqueness of their mentors. 1 Corinthians 1:12-13.
The same is happening today. We have some members of a church that will not pray with another believer because they are not from the same church!

The spirit of competition and superiority has crept into the church and it bears a resemblance to the Corinthian church. Where did this come from? It is not the gospel truth! There is only ONE body and each part functions to edify the ENTIRE body!

The same people who will never step into your local church are the ones advertising programmes targeting believers in other churches.

We are commanded to go and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19-20. After a person enters a commitment to make Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour, we are to baptise them and teach them the ways of Christ so that they can live for Him, not us! I believe if they live for Jesus Christ as His true disciple (follower), they will not rebel against Pastoral authority. They will begin to serve for the cause of Christ in their local church. Giving will be a delight, not a drag and prayer will be a delight, not boredom. Soul winning will be their passion. We will not need to employ the services of a Marketing Manager in 21st century church of the West!

There will always be the difference between those Christ disciples and church members in every congregation. Pastors, the choice is ours to make! We choose to go for His discipleship programme from the moment of our church plant and we have no regret. Acts 11:25-26, Hebrew 5:12- end, Hebrew 6:1-3.

Remember that every disciple has a ministry to fulfil. Not every disciple will be in the five-fold office of Christ and not everyone will be in the gift of God for the Body of His Son. 1 Corinthians 12:27-28, Ephesians 4:11-12

Not every student ends up in university and even if they did they were not all on the same degree course. Within the university, there are Lecturers, Senior Lectures, Head of Departments, Deans etc…

The good Lord has placed you in your local church NOW, to be equipped for the ministry He has for you in the Body of Christ and in the world. He also gave you your Pastor NOW for that very purpose!

If all you care about is your miracle, what happens when your miracle is delayed? Yes, delay is not denial but do you have what it takes if your delay is an act of disobedience to your heavenly call?

Before you attend another conference, seminar, feet washing, communion service, even another baptismal service (which should remind you of your own) ask yourself what is your ministry in the Body of Christ? Are you fulfilling it? Are you even His disciple or a member of a church? I am not advocating that you leave your local church immediately and start a church or begin itinerant ministry. You are to serve your church, submit to your Pastor to be trained. It then becomes easy and a sheer delight for your Pastor to release you if and when the Spirit says “separate unto me” 2 Timothy 1:1-7,9-11, 2 Timothy 2:1-2

Finally, bear in mind that there will always be a cry of ‘enough is enough’ against the oppressors from those they oppress.

Remember, it is all about establishing the Kingdom of God here on Earth!

It is all about the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Matthew 6:33.

Seek first His Kingdom and its righteousness and all other things shall be added to us. Selah!

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