Problem, What Problem

At a time when it is easy to be deceived, we need to look to Christ more than ever to establish the truth.

Have you noticed how easy it is for lies to be accepted as truth and how easy it is for error to be established?

We live as if God does not see and we speak as if God does not hear. Beloved, we have problems in our society.

When we look at the state of the church we can see traces of these problems among us.

The good news is that the church is the body of Jesus and He knows those that are His to wash and cleanse us before His call for us to come HOME when the trumpet sounds.

We know that the following are problems that are affecting our society and even the church:

• Leadership
• Economy
• Morality

We all know that leadership around the world is not what it used to be. In the political world, citizens are crying out for change in their governmental leadership. Those who have ruled for generations are being toppled and a cry for new regime is ringing in our ears through the news. Even in nations where elections were difficult if at all they exist, they have now embraced a move to democracy. I do not know how long this will hold but I pray it continues.

One of my good friend said “Leadership is learned process” to which I agreed. We are all born with the ability to lead but the art of leading is a process you learn as you mature. If you agree with me and I pray you do, I need to say that the era of learned leadership is eroding. We are in a time when many believe they know and are not submitting to the learning process through mentorship. The era of apprenticeship is quickly becoming a thing of the past (thank God for the programmes that encourage apprenticeship).

Leaders raise leaders. Unfortunately, some just act like leaders but they are not true leaders.

Apostle Paul was mentored by Gamaliel and he was proud to say so. In our world today, many leaders are leaders by opportunities and not by being raised for the tasks ahead. This is the challenge of church ministry, especially in church plant* (I will address this at a later date).

Education and our circle of company we keep is what qualify some of us as leader. Even if you do not qualify it does not matter, your job is to follow instructions (after all money talks). It is no surprise that certain parts of the world do better – politically and spiritually.

I have found the same challenge in the church.

Nothing is new. Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 4:15 “For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.”

Right now we are suffering from bad leadership. Majority of the crisis we have now is because fathers are silent and reside in their corners. Fathers may say that when they speak, their children do not listen. Therefore the question is – how did we get this low?

Right now, it is like the days of the Judges when everyone did what was right in their eyes until we heard Ruth who said “your God will be my God.” Ruth met a woman called Naomi and could see God in her life and that her God was different from other gods! Judges 21:25, Ruth 1:16-17.

An organisation with great leadership will go far. When Israel had no God fearing leaders, the people suffered.

As the leader is, so are the people.

If you want to know how the people are, just look at the leader! Even the scripture says “as the priest, is the congregation.”

A confused nation is led by confused leadership. Oppressed people are led by an oppressed leader. Genuine prosperous people are led by genuine prosperous leaders. God fearing people are led by God fearing leaders.

The problem of bad leadership is what has led us to the mess in the global economy. We are faced with greedy, selfish leadership who for years turned a blind eye to the fraudulent gain of many. It is the same is in the church.

The results of bad leadership have led the church to be known only for offerings, having no major influence in society. Whenever church leaders are mentioned, it is often for financial prosperity. It is about the aeroplane we have and the building we ourselves boasted about as if that is the basis of the body of Christ on earth!

We truly need help!

Money is not the root of evil. It is the love of money that is the root of evil and if we are really truthful to ourselves, we must admit that the love of money can negatively influence leadership, both politically and spiritually too.

In church, I was raised to flee from three things to help me finish my race in the Kingdom of God, while on earth.

These are what we called three evils:

1. Position or recognition (pride).
2. Money (not all gifts should be accepted). You are to discern the motive of the giving. You can say NO to whosoever comes to give you money, like Elisha did to Naaman.
3. Immorality. I am a woman of God but it is a principle for me not to go out alone! How much more MEN of God? No one is immune to sexual sin, only those who run like Joseph in Potiphar’s house.

Money and immorality walk together. Money leads a man to walk out on his wife for another woman and money in the hand of a loose woman causes her to buy the soul of another woman’s husband. Economic problem is on the rise and it takes those who will not make mammon their god but Jehovah Jireh their God that will survive the crisis at hand. The head of the church is not earthly; but Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God Himself and He knows those He appointed to His office as His representative here on earth.

Yes, there are problems but these problems are solvable ones for our God.

All is not lost. Cheer up! There is still hope for us!

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