Passover – A Love Story

The month of April was filled with so many blessed dates. It’s dear to me due to both my parents’ birthdays being in this month and directly after each other. As well as their birthdays, we celebrated the Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (turning a blessed 90 years old!), St George’s day and the Passover as well as many other important dates.

Today I want to turn your attention to the celebration of the Passover, a Jewish holiday which occurs in April lasting seven days, from 23rd April and to 30th April. The Hebrew word for ‘Passover’ is ‘Pesach’, which means ‘to skip over’. The story of the Passover is while the Jews were in Egypt one of the plagues was the killing of the firstborn children in the land. The Jews were instructed by Moses to prepare a lamb for a meal and the blood of this animal is to be put on the sides and tops of the door frames. In doing when God would pass through the land of Egypt the lamb’s blood would be a sign for God to pass over that household (Exodus 12:1-13).

The blood was a sign not just for the Jews, but a foretelling of the future. For in our times the blood of Christ has redeemed us and is a sign that although our actions warrants death (Romans 6:23), we are saved through Christ’s selfless act. God brought redemption to the Israelites, He saved them, these are His chosen people “Israel is My son, My first firstborn” (Exodus 4:22). Just as a lamb’s blood was used in accordance with the instructions passed on by God to Moses to the people, Christ is also our sacrifice the lamb of God (John 1:29). This is true love personified.

God instructed the Israelites to celebrate the Passover meal each year after their departure from Egypt (Exodus 12:40-42). Just as we should constantly remember Christ’s gift of love towards us. We have been delivered from our sins and given eternal life. Here through the story of Passover, we as Christians are reminded of the foundation set for our unique relationship with God – a relationship with a Lover and the Beloved.

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