Our Hope in the Midst of Challenges-Part 2

In part one of my message of ‘Our Hope In The Midst of Challenges’, I pointed out the importance of knowing the perfect will of God. If your spirit is connected to the God of heaven and earth and your spirit is illuminated by the Word of God, then you should be able to know the will of God because the spirit of Christ that is you, He will tell you.

Sadly people don’t take the pre-eminence of Christ seriously. Some take the church more seriously than Jesus. Until you know the heart of God you will not know His Will – we must pray to know the heart of God every single day of our lives – when Christ is without a doubt your Lord (not just because you ‘say’ He is), you WILL know His will. I want you to be hungry for the Lord and be angry at comprise!

We are now living in a time where a generation of believers are being deceived into thinking the only way to get their prayers answered is to buy ‘anointing’ oil from the church (which was mass produced for profit!) – the devil is a liar!

Who bewitched us to believe that because we are Christians that we won’t face challenges of life called ‘problems’ or because you’re born-again and speaking in tongues you won’t lose your job or die suddenly – again I say “WHO BEWITCHED US!” There are those who believe that ALL your problems will disappear when you accept Jesus (May God help us) – where did this erroneous teaching come from that we won’t have problems.

In closing, let our heart cry to the Father be: “Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” May God help us to understand and fulfil His perfect will.

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