May Summary – Youth Friday

It was a Marvellous May Youtn Friday. We learned about the 7 mountains of cultural influence, and had youth provide their insights into the different arenas they feel assigned to. Where time allowed, we split into groups and examined what the current status is, what God’s desire is, and what we can do about it.

Government (PB) – There is currently a lack of vision, particularly with regard to African governments selling their heritage. A call to servant leadership, not status leadership is key.

Economy (D and D) –  Too many preachers and not enough people making change in the marketplace. Trends around Financial technology, cryptocurrency, and how we regulate finance in a digital world were areas of interest. Cyber security in particular is one area to continue watching.

Religion(AB) – Need clearer understanding of what the gospel is in our generation. People preach the faith but fail to apply it to practical aspects of life. People should be Berean Christians and be accountable for their own spiritual growth. Not rely on church alone. People living in purpose is a key area of passion and concern.

Family (T) – A lot of single parent house holds, domestic violence,wayward children. Proverbs 19:18 – lack of disciplined children affecting families and society. Parents don’t have time or are too lazy to look after their children. Need to intercede and pray for Godly role models

Education (M) – affects every sphere of life, yet a conspiracy to limit education from the masses in the future. Volunteer and offer one’s services to a local school and for the young people. One of the youth runs a sisterhood group in her local school where she works, and is able to impact and influence for the kingdom in that regard.

Arts( O,V,Mi) – Artists used to be signed for their talents, now signed for their following/fan base. There are few labels interested in developing artists, yet those tend to outperform. Choosing to grow as Godly artists and make an impact through lifestyle and message when in the industry.

Media (not discussed this session)

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