Love Is Not A Choice!

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me pleasure to present to you this message that love is not a choice.


When I say love, I mean the God kind of love. The love that sought us out in the midst of others. The love that forgives us when we were so bad in sin. The love that gives grace. Yes abundant grace when we need it. The love that strengthens us when we are weak.

The love that suffers long and is kind. Love that does not envy, that does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endure all things.

The love that never fail. This love is not natural. It cannot be found in anyone outside of God. In other words, it is the God kind of Love. Agape in Greek.

If you have made Jesus Christ your personal Saviour and submit to make Him Lord over your life, the reason why others will know that you belong to Him indeed is through the manifestation of this type of love.

You see beloved there are different types of love.

Phileo is affectionate. You find this in friendship. You see, we are commanded to have God’s unconditional love for our enemies but we cannot have friendship (Phileo) with our enemies acheter du viagra espagne.

Storge is another type of love. It is the type of love you have for your family. This is special. It places a special bonding with parents, their children, siblings and the entire family. As special as it is, is can come short of God’s kind of love too.

Eros is sexual love that can be good or bad depending on what the relationship is. Eros is good in marriage between husband and wife (within the ordained establishment of man and woman). A friendship that began and ends in Eros outside of marriage is sin in the sight of God and it’s a lustful desire that must be repented of. This type of love is holy within marriage and pure romantic relationship that leads to marriage is about romance.

Of all the love described above, we have a choice to be friendly, we have a choice to continue to develop family bonding or friendship with our parents and entire families and I pray we enjoy that relationship. We also have a choice of Eros as some made themselves eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom and some were made eunuch by others. Not everyone is cut out for married life or romantic relationship (I pray you are not one of them as you are reading this message!).

So we have a choice.

But when you have received the Love of God that brought forgiveness to you, you have no choice of withholding that love from others. We have no choice in forgiving others. When God’s nature is in you, it is not possible not to exercise that love!


The word of God says that “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”
1 John 4:8

How can we say we are of God and we struggle to love? Beloved, the Spirit of God in us enables us to demonstrate God’s love in us and through us!

God’s love is not a choice. The fruit of your confession of faith is the love you demonstrate towards people. “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35 (New Living Translation).

In another translation the word “‘If’ you love one another.” But I do not see the word “if” as a choice to exercise but an action to consider greatly to qualify as a disciple of Jesus.

Remember, no can love like this unless Jesus has been revealed to such soul as Saviour and has submitted wilfully to His Lordship.

In this perilous age, we need to see the Agape type of love manifesting in our fellowships. At a time when many are walking away and no one bothers or cares to go the extra mile to seek them or to even find out why they are leaving our fellowships, we need Agape.

We need Agape at a time when the blame game is going on in the church. Many are blaming each other for the crisis in the church. If it’s not the fault of the Senior Pastor, it’s the fault of the Board of Trustees, or it’s the fault of the entire leadership or even the entire congregation who never pray enough! While blaming one another, we take our eyes off the purpose of crisis and the spirit behind the crisis! With Agape, understanding of purpose becomes paramount and forgiveness is given and received. Love helps you to see your own fault in every situation before you point your finger to others regardless of your position in the House of God.

This applies to the family too. Agape opens your eyes to see who is responsible before you blame your wife and/or the wife blames the children, etc. Love heals and restores. Oh may God restore our families and homes.

See Love as not a choice but a must. So Love anyway.

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