Look out a Storm is coming

“And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another” Matthew 24:10.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are drawing closer daily to the day of our redemption as sons of God.

Prophets have been speaking about the coming storm that will shake the very foundation of our faith for those whose confidence is not fully in Christ but in the man and woman of God in their lives. Biblically also it is written that everything that will be shaken will be shaken so that what cannot be shaken can remain. When the storm comes naturally, many things are removed only those things that are structurally built to stand against the storm will survive.
So is the shaking of the Church of Christ.

It is painful to see that the picture of the Church of Jesus we have now is so far removed from the Church we often read about in the Scripture.

The saints of God paid with their lives for us to have the Bible written in languages we can read all over the world and these were men who fear God and hated evil deeds.

They have no time for pomposity and social status that has made some of us in the Body of Christ so important that God Himself could not recognise anymore.

Our gospel has become “another gospel” and we love it so.

We enjoy sitting with corrupt men and women in our churches but because they are the ones in vogue we don’t mind. We can afford to turn our eyes away from their sins and enjoy fellowship with them after all Jesus dined with sinners but we failed to admit that they never remain sinners for long.

Apostle Paul did not say we should abstain from the ungodly of the world hence our light will not penetrate their darkness and for them in turn know that we are the children of the most high God.

But the problems are the sexually corrupt, reviler, idolater and extortioners in the Church. We dined with them and even call them brothers and sisters. These are the ones who rob Paul to pay Peter and no one is saying anything about them. 1 Corinthians 5:10-11
These are the ones who seduced our children, and wives are not safe from their counselling rooms.

These are the ones who in the name of “anointing” raping our purses and have introduced all sorts of business enterprises into the Church.

From the sword that Peter used to cut the ear of the Roman soldiers to the soap for washing. From holy water to oil of the anointing when you send them offerings!

If Jesus beat folks out of the Temple in Jerusalem, what do you think the Storm is going to do?

I read from the scripture that God will judge false prophets and those who allowed them to prophesy lies to them.
If your walk with God is so precious and you know that Jesus died for you on the Cross at Calvary. Why would you allow any of the wicked practices to go on without you saying enough is enough!
Beloved, Jesus said that before His return, there are signs of events that will take place.

· Take heed that you are not deceived.
It is so sad that many have fallen victim of deception amongst us that even if Jesus should appear to them face to face they will miss Him.

· Many will be offended.

Many other signs were given but the one for this message is the one that talked about being offended.

The word offended means: many will become victim of stumbling block! “Skandalizo” scandals. Many will be made to sin when they see what is happening in the Church.

You see beloved. In the Western Society, we have luxury and thank God for luxury but travelling on first class ticket to preach does not mean we are better than our brethren in the part of the world where they could only afford breakfast!
Having a private jet does not mean you are anointed by God to flaunt it to those who are believing God for their rent. It is a privilege that has made many of us become so arrogant and selfish.

It is so bad that we cannot even greet brethren without heavy security!
Thank God for Jesus. If you and I are that anointed, why do we need all these securities for? Where is our faith in God for protection? So if you die what next? Whom have you prepared to take on the mantle, when you are not even trusting God to protect you how can you trust a man to step into your shoes to continue the project.

We need the Holy Spirit like never before.
We are to pray for our leaders and God forbid we should not pray for them after all the Church prayed until Peter was released from prison BUT they never prayed for irresponsible leaders or members. Paul sent Alexandria a curse for his blasphemous acts.

Simon the Sorcerer was cursed to perish with his money for trying to buy the anointing. Where is that same Church today? We have hidden under pretence and falsehood and God is fed up for the sake of His Son.

We are not seeing harvest of souls as we should because we the labourers are not harvesting fresh ones but fighting over the ones that are already damaged from church to church!

God forgive us and have mercy on us.

Have we not read it that God will not take it lightly on anyone who causes these little ones to sin. He said it would have been better if such person is not born!

A man who beat his wife each time she gets pregnant is still preaching “hot sermons” and no one says anything but we are only interested in his ministry and the crowd he pulls with the money involved.

Those of us that are leaders and members have become so secretive it makes the household of Chloe looked like a gossiper of the event in Corinth.

Oh God help us!

The storm is coming! Let us all get ready. Let us remove all falsehood in our houses and prepare ourselves.

For years I have heard my prophet friend proclaim the word of the Lord on this matter about the storm even on Revelation TV. In our prayer time I saw a serious wind came and remove the skirt and what was hidden was exposed.
From then it has been one thing after the other.

He who hath an ear let him or her hear what the Spirit is saying now. Get ready

· Get rid of the church social circle that looks like those in 1 Corinthians 5:11

· Get rid of the circle that looks like those in Psalm 1:1

·  Get rid of a crafty friend called “Jonadab” 2 Samuel 13:3 Every time you fall into sin he is the one who pat your back for you till you did not that the Spirit had departed from you like Brother Samson!

· Get rid of flatterers like the woman in Philippi who is always calling you anointed man of God but you know you are not all that was said about you. You have only gone to one country to preach but you have been presented as a worldwide preacher!

You have become a victim of the spirit of divination long enough.

The storm is coming! May you not become a stumbling block nor a victim.

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