Longetivity In Relationship

Longetivity In Relationship

What is wrong with longevity in relationship nowadays?

I believe am not the only one that believes you can maintain a long-time relationship in this day and age.

It’s become so common that you call someone a friend but by the time you find out from one of them it’s over.

Some cannot understand why they should befriend someone for many years, have the same Pastor for many years, or be in a church for many years in the same city! Be in marriage forever (oh my help, am getting out…)

I am blessed to have longevity in relationship with people I call my friends.

First I understand they are not perfect as I am not perfect. Also I know that they are workmen in progress as I am too. They have strength and weakness like I do too.

But one thing is sure between us – we have the same goal, we purpose with great determination to make Heaven and as a result of this we work seriously on ourselves. It’s not enough to say “am born again”; not cutting corners or faking it to make it is one of our passions. You see if you are in a relationship that is shallow, you will trade your friends for new ones quick. Be careful. It doesn’t speak well of who you are at the end of the day.

Be careful how you chose your friends. Be careful how you build your circle of relationships too.

If you are in a relationship because the person is famous, you will soon look for the next glamorous person to be with. Famous folks know why folks hang around them. They know it’s for the ride and at any moment they can switch and trade you off like a car.

Your old friends have a place in your today my friends. Don’t give up on them because you’ve “arrived”. You will always need their loyalty and true words – after all, no one knows you like they do! If you say your friends are NOT loyal, ask yourself “are you loyal? Loyalty begets loyalty. No matter how “successful” you are, you need loyal friends who will help you keep your feet on ground so your “success don’t get to you (excuse me to say).

I am grateful for my old and not so old relationships. Thank you for not walking away as I didn’t walk away.

*Next message for another day is about our relationship with our church.

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