David, a king-in-waiting was in the Cave of Adullam when his siblings and his entire father’s household with 400 distressed, discontented and debtors went to join him. From then on he became a leader over them all (1 Samuel 22:1-2).

This is the beginning for all leaders. 

You will be attracted to your kind as a leader. No matter who you are right now, there are folks who look up to you. Not your physical appearance but the grace on you attracts them to you. 

If you cannot lead those messed up lives now, when you too haven’t figured out what to do with yourself (even though you are anointed), forget leading when you’re successful in life. Even when life is not easy, as a leader you must believe that today is not tomorrow and look at those men and women including their children with you and give them Leadership!

God uses life to build character in His Leaders. He is not interested in the gift you possessed but in the character you developed as His representative on earth over those souls! They could have gone somewhere else but God directed them to you because their destiny is connected to yours! 

Today, please come out of the Cave and lead! 

Enough of hiding. 


This is the age where leaders are needed.

Lead… when your bank account is zero and you have to trust God for food.

Lead… when you see the red bills and the when “final bill” is written on the letters.

Lead… when you’re sick in your body and believing God to heal you.

Lead… when your family is messed up and you need family restoration!

Lead… when hell has unleashed its venom on you and you trust God for deliverance!

Lead… when men laugh at you because of those with you are not the usual sophisticated eloquent group of people who fake it to make it; who packaged themselves for now but not tomorrow.

Lead… when men relegate you and your folks in public meetings to a seat in a corner because your dress doesn’t fit into the dress code of others. 

Lead… when the microphone is taken from you and given to the next man or woman because you do not look presentable or you are not the “type”. 

Lead… when you are part of the group pictures and you didn’t appear with the “elite”, as technology has a way of removing people from the rest of the group. Show your folks it’s not personal, for your time to be revealed hasn’t come.

Lead… when you’re betrayed by the same folks you helped. Jesus continues to lead even while on the Cross, He instructed John the Apostle to take care of His mother Mary. 


Lead… those who remain with you FAITHFULLY and bless those who left you, as you have once fed and led them before too. 

Bless and never curse. 

If you remain in the cave the enemy will catch up with you, kill you and all with you. Victory comes when you COME OUT and keep walking and leading!

Oh please let’s have leaders in 2020! 

At home
On the pulpit
In business
In school

Please LEAD!

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