Ladies and Gentlemen, it is of great importance that I present to you a message of serious importance to me as I believe to every committed and loyal follower of Jesus Christ in 21st Century!
Jesus Christ is the same.

• Yesterday.

Yesterday, Jesus came to our world to save us from sin. While He was on earth, He lived purposefully and in complete obedience to His Father. He did not pursue His own agenda.

To accomplish His mission on earth, He appointed certain people from various professional back-ground. Some were fishermen, tax collectors and Judas the betrayal. Matthew 10:1-4

The structure of His ministry yesterday remains today. He appointed the uneducated fishermen, the unexpected men that were looked down upon by the society because of their profession.
He is not against education as He the ONLY Doctor that was not trained by man, ATTORNEY that never went to LAW SCHOOL! Oh by the way, His choices of men were the BEST in their PROFESSIONS.

He was hosted by the rich but never settle in their comfort. He had time for both great and small. Children were welcomed by Him, widows found comfort in His Presence.
Jesus healed the sick, delivered the tormented. So caring and full of love for man that His love made Him drove out of the Temple those that were buying and selling with whip! Matthew 21:12.

Throughout His ministry on earth, He did not compromise His purpose by settling for success. He was not into successful ministry but significant ministry hence His ability not to allow man to make Him what He already is! Success will make you settle at East of the Jordan rather than enter Canaan – The Promised Land. After all Reuben, and Gad had a very great multitude of livestock. Numbers 32:1-2.

He rebuked the religious leaders and showed His anger at their corruption.

Before He left our world He told His disciples of the importance of Unity and prayed for those who will believe their testimony of Him through them. John 17:21-25.

Yesterday, Jesus told His disciples to wait for the promise of the Father before they can be His witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost part of the world! Acts 1:8.

• Today.

Beloved, the same is today!
Today through the Holy Spirit, the ministry of Christ is still the same.
Healing the sick, delivering the tormented. Every other aspect of His life is still seen today.

The area we failed to address is the area of CHOICE of DISCIPLESHIP.
Beloved, yesterday those who followed Jesus were not lazy, they were those who were passionate about their lives and business affairs!

How much more true is it today?

Ministry is not for lazy folks! It is not for those who because they were unemployed suddenly wake up to obey God’s calling. It is not for those who were idle and realised they were called and now the best way of making money and exercising influence is ministry of Jesus.
If Jesus did not do that yesterday, He will not permit it today. Even Apostle Paul was passionate about his service to the Law Society and the high priest of his days. Acts 9:1.

Whatever the Holy Spirit did through Jesus yesterday, He wants to do through us today and He will do TOMORROW.

Jesus is no longer here in PERSON but His Spirit is here and through us who believe, the PROCESS SHOULD NOT CHANGE.

So brethren, DO NOT CHANGE THE RULE! Jesus is the same.

• Tomorrow.

He is the same.

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