Ladies and gentlemen, life has no significant meaning to anyone who allowed the spirit of defeat to knock them down and refuse to get up.

No matter where you are right now in life, there is more bridge to cross! Don’t give up

Maybe you even feel like a failure after trying to succeed many times and you are at the verge of giving up.

Beloved, don’t give up.

You are not a failure because you fail! You are only a failure because you stop trying.

Get up and try again!

If Graham Bell had conceded defeat while trying to invent telephone, we will never have one today.

Born to a deaf mother and married to a deaf wife, two of his sons died at infancy yet never gave up on his inventions. Failed many times but did not give up until today we have phones in every corner of the globe! This generation and the next expect you and I to conquer our challenges.

If you believe your dream is real, get on with it.

No one ever expect the level of opposition to their dreams to be so intense but the greater the dream, the greater the barrier or opposition to it and if you are willing to go all the way, you will see it become reality soon.

Remember you are not alone in this race. You are surrounded by cloud of witnesses who have gone ahead of you and they are cheering you not to give up but to keep going.

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