Fathers where are you


“Train up a child in the way it should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverb 22:6

Thank you for opening this site.

For you to still be reading this message now is because I believe the Spirit of God is speaking to you and if you agree with what you are reading kindly call some of your friends to open the page and read also.

This message I believe should be read by all ESPECIALLY my African brothers living in Europe.

The word of God for us who believe the Bible to be the infallible word of God teaches fathers to train their children in the way they are to go.

To train means, to equip or disciple your children.

The question then is how can you equip or disciple a child in a way he or she is to go when you don’t know the way your child is to go as a father.

As a result of not knowing the way God wants your child to go, some fathers either ignore the equipping or disciple programme or gave it to someone who will do the job poorly. At times, some have left the job completely to their wives.

Thank God for mothers but there is a place for mothers and there is a place for fathers.

Mothers are nurturers and they give wisdom while fathers give life and strength to their children.

Fathers are supposed to give vision and direction to their children. They are also to lead by example for their children to follow hence the issue of discipleship.

Disciples are those who are thought by impartation. What are you imparting to your children?

Life or death.

We are living at a time that stress is manifesting through individuals at an alarming rate and many times through lack of seeing dreams become reality, some are giving up on life and taking their venom of frustration on their children.

But wait a minute, because you did not get what you set out to achieve today does not mean that you are to lash out at everything that moves around you.

The word training does not mean you are to abuse your children.

You may say to yourself, how can I prepare my children for the future I never have?

My answer to that is that because you never had it does not mean that your children cannot have a beautiful, bright future.

Some of us from Africa came from a home where our fathers never had a bicycle but they sacrifice for us today to drive BMW, JAGUAR, MB, HONDA CVS etc….

I am challenging fathers to look ahead into 2010!

See greatness ahead of you and channel your children into it. They need you.

A man called Samson lost his sight to his enemies, but he cried to God to give him one more time opportunity to avenge himself against his enemies and God answered him by restoring his anointing.

The Bible teaches us that Samson killed many at his death than while alive.

Fathers I pray for one more time anointing on you so that you can arise and see your children become the dream of greatness you once nurtured and in return see your enemies flee.

Now the major challenge facing parents now is the social services department.
My brothers please wake up!

These guys are not joking. They are out for kill if you will not obey the word of God.

I believe that a child equipped well or disciple effectively will not report his or her father to social services when disciplined. On the contrary, your discipline is a proof of your love.

Love exercise discipline.

Brothers, the way you were beaten, should not be repeated by you towards your children. Majority of our fathers never know how to show affection towards us.

Yes they sacrifice for us to have education (for those who have such fathers).

But for many of us, it was the affection and the warmth of our mothers that we know and thank God for that.

For some of us, our fathers were wonderful men. They not only sacrifice for our education they suffered family humiliation to stay loyal to our mothers and us their children.

The crunch of the matter is that, you cannot raise your children in Europe the way you were raised in Africa.

Some of the discipline given to us can be categorised as abuse (and if you will be truthful to yourself you hated it at that time too)

Please obey the word of God and enjoy the latter days of your life rather than grow with bitterness because the social services took your children away from you.

There must be a key to unlock the hearts of your children apart from a little slap on the face, electric wire on her back side, compulsory fasting while you are eating, African Koboko or painted stick ”Mr white”, keeping malice with your children for a week, tying the hands and feet on a spot for a while etc….

There are ways of Loving and Understanding your children. Being there for them not as absentee fathers, celebrating their achievements not criticising them all the time (I know you are always the first in the class during your time) giving them self worth, value and FINALLY LIVING BY GODLY EXAMPLE!

This goes a long way!

Look out for part 2 next week for the completion of the message and about mothers…

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