Anytime a long relationship is to end, there’s always a pain to it. Especially, when you have shared mutual things together. 

In Marriage, for example, no one who has experienced Divorce will tell you it’s lovely. Divorce papers issued alright BUT soul ties needed ministry hence we are not to enter into marriage casually without counting the cost of marrying the person you intend bearing his name or giving your name to.

It’s even worse when you have children together hence the pain is not a joke unless you live in denial. After Divorce you must take up your cross and follow Jesus! 

Exit from a church that you have built, family relationship, friendship and serve together is equally painful, hence I subscribe to exiting graciously for the sake of your future and unity of the congregation. Never work against the same house that once enriched your life! Never spilt the congregation because you’re leaving. If God is in your exit, He will send labourers for your own vineyard too. Each door has an entrance and exit! Folks come and go! Your exit matters in life as it affects your next entrance. If you have children think properly, as your exit strategy will affect your kids in life. Parents, please never allow your emotions to rule your exit! Your children are involved too, as they have developed friends in the same church and it will be your side of the story they will ever hear! 

Think about the day they will hear it – because you were disciplined for sinful behaviour or crimes against humanity and you couldn’t face the people because of shame that made you leave?  “What you sow you shall reap…” John Bevere has said much on this. 

If your leaving is of the Holy Spirit for ministry, even if not accepted by your overseer easily, I know that one day both of you will be reunited UNLESS either of you is operating in another spirit! The issue is not even your exit it is about why, what, when and where.

Just because you exit a church doesn’t mean you cannot worship with them unless the GO is not at peace with your “movement of the people” 

These are necessary questions to settle about EXIT! 

These questions help to ease the pain of exiting. 

After you EXIT, what is NEXT? 

One way or the other we must exit and we do exit. 

We came INTO and we shall EXIT… 

It is a required part of life. But please settle your ‘Why’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ before you move…

The Bible is the Book that fully made us know the importance of Exiting INTO Freedom or Bondage! 

May our exit in life be to Freedom!

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