Endurance Has a Reward!

Watching Andy Murray play for Gold against Roger Federer at the Olympics was breathtaking! Even though I am on holiday, I could not help watching the Olympic sports

Excuse me, I am not into the history behind the event but the athletics itself. It has been a wonderful time so far especially for our country, Great Britain. We did not start with great scores but now thank God, the tables have turned and we are now third place on the medal table!

There is something about Andy Murray – for years he was not in the inner circle of the best players.

For years he did not win any major title but he never gave up! Others gave up due to injuries, disappointments etc. but not Andy Murray and I am sure he must have had his own share of injuries, disappointments and the many painful experiences that defeat brings to a man. Yet he endured and continues to play the sport that he loves so much.

I believe that when you love what you do, regardless of what you suffer along the way, you will endure and not give up easily. Love causes us to endure.

The love of God and the love for God cause us to endure trials of faith. The love of our dreams and visions causes us to endure every disappointment in life.

Today, we saw Andy Murray win Gold during Olympic 2012 and what better opponent than the best in the game, Roger Federer.

If what you are doing now is not for love or out of love, quit now before you burn out and waste your future! Why spend years on a draining and unprofitable adventure because you want to prove to someone you can make it?

Beloved, the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself! Your race is not my race. We all have different races to run here on earth. Watching the Olympics spells that out to us! Usain Bolt of Jamaica achieved different speed in various races until he won gold for 100m – what an achievement!

When you find yourself and love what you do, the disappointment is nothing compared to the gain ahead. Murray proved that today!

Bringing this back to the race of faith – don’t give up!

Once you know you have given your entire life to Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Saviour, find your place in Him and His purpose for you. Run well, not giving up as your gold is waiting for you on the final day. Even before The Day here on earth, there are rewards to be picked up as you run your race.

Well done Andy Murray! Thank God you never gave up.

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