Be careful of good the enemy of the best.
Brethren, today in my message, I want to believe God that by the time you finish reading this article, you would have changed your address and relocate to another place in your mind where:

The environment is called NO LIMIT
The neighbourhood is called GREATNESS
Your neighbours are people who move from GLORY TO GLORY

· What is the meaning of the word ”to settle”?

It means:

1: To establish yourself in a place. The only place the scripture allows us to be established is in your belief of God and the truth of His word. 2 Chronicles 20:20. You are to be rooted and establish in Jesus Christ. Acts 17:28 tells us that “in Him we live and move and have our being as also some of your own poets have said”

2: To relax. It means to loosen up, to be at ease, to put one’s feet up. The people of Laish relax and the Danites took over their land from them. Judges 18:27-29. When you settle for less, the tendency to lose what you have gained is paramount.

3: To be complacent. When you become complacent, you have no reason to push for the best. You become self-satisfied, serene, unconcern about the best for you.

You cannot move house or change your address this morning until you know the alternative on offer.

God always offer us His BEST for our lives but the Adam and Eve nature in us always settle for less.

We are people called to a progressive lifestyle. Spirit, soul and Body.

In order not to settle for settlement mentality, you have got to know the promises of God for every areas of your lives.

Your personal lives, marriage, children, career, business, ministry, etc…
For example, God gave Israel promise through Abraham confirmed again to Moses in Exodus 3:7-8. The Elders of Israel also confirmed it was so Numbers 13:1-3,26-28 but the men of the tribes of Reuben and Gad settled their families and possessions before the promised Land – Numbers 32
When you know the promise of God for yourself NOT THAT SOMEBODY ELSE KNOWS IT FOR YOU. It comes with a drive/passion.

Beloved I have revelation for you. God is PASSIONATE about His promises being fulfilled in your life. God is PASSIONATE about your life progressing and achievement in life that glorify His Son’s name.

God is PASSIONATE about us possessing what is ours.
Caleb an 80 years old man from the tribe of Issachar took over his inheritance Joshua 14:7
Ladies and gentlemen, ENTRING your LAND is not the issue (if you get there) POSSESSION is the issue.

Never settle for right of abode visa in any country but to possessing what God says is yours is the issue.

Never settle for your wedding day but look to celebrate the progressive married life which includes endurance, romance, sexual relationship that is alive. The boy in you becoming a man daily and the girl in you becoming a woman also. That is what we should all look forward to celebrate.

Never settle for mediocrity in business. Because you become self employed does not mean you have arrived to now get to your office/store/shop at whatever time you want.

Never settle for just being called a mother because you gave birth to a child/ren but raise up greatness in them and through them. Who wants to celebrate the womb that produced a child that is terrorising the elderly, the weak and the destitute?

Having degrees is not the problem, being productive with your degree in life is the crunch of the matter.

Going into ministry is not the matter, staying with finishing in mind and keeping faith is the issue.
Speaking in tongues is not the matter, walking in DOMINION is the goal.
Finally, never allow today to dictate or determine your future for you.

Stop settling for less. Go all the way as Joshua was commanded by God that there are still more land to possess so also I am here to tell us this today. OPPOSITON OR NO OPPOSTION, BARRIER OR NO BARRIER, VALLEY OR NO VALLEY, MOUNTAIN OR VALLEY.

Press on!

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