Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counsellors (Psalm 119:24)

The Word of God is living and active. Recently, I have been reminded of the necessity of God’s Word in order to walk in His way, along this narrow path. It is our daily bread. Just like food, the Word of God is both enjoyable and essential, neither aspect should be neglected.

Remembering that it is enjoyable

The Word of God is delightful, giving us insights into the God who loves us more than anyone else. You could think of it like God’s Facebook page (excuse the analogy), full of information about what He likes, dislikes, what He is saying, His thoughts and words. It is God, revealing Himself to us! It helps us understand the kind of God we serve; and we should approach it with interest and excitement.

The Word of God is comforting, reading it reassures us of God’s ultimate knowledge and power, and His victory in the end.

The Word of God is diverse, full of history, poetry, prophecy and more.

The Bible is meant to be enjoyed. If you are finding God’s word tiresome, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you, to enlarge your heart (Psalm 119:32) and fill you with a capacity to love His Word and to see the wonderful things it contains (Psalm 119:18).

Remembering that it is essential

God’s word is a necessity; it gives us divine counsel on how to live. Reading God’s word is not optional for those who claim to be followers of Christ; it is to be our sustenance. In the Old Testament, God commanded His people to display His Word in their homes, on their gates, and to even attach it to themselves (Deuteronomy 11:18 -21). We live in a ‘crooked and perverse generation’ (Philippians 2:15) and it is easy to be led astray. But the Bible tells us exactly to keep our ways clean: by taking heed to the Word of God (Psalm 119:9).

The Bible is integral to our lives. Make a habit of reading it everyday and asking the Holy Spirit for help you when you are weak or weary. The enemy knows the power of the Word, and will try schemes to prevent you from reading it, one of which is by deception; preventing you from seeing the value and power it holds.  Your flesh also wars against the spirit; so do not be deceived nor take this lightly, reading the Bible is warfare.

Read the Word of God, it is enjoyable, it is essential and it has the power to save our souls (James 1:21).

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