Then He said a “certain man had two sons. And the younger of them said to his father, ‘Father, give me the portion of goods that falls to me’. So he divided to them his livelihood. And not many days after, the younger son gathered all together, journey to a far country, and there wasted his possessions with prodigal living………………….” Luke 15:11-31.

Beloved, it is not by accident that you open my blog to read this message and I pray that you will read it with seriousness of heart.

The word of God tells of two sons from the same father. The younger one demanded his portion of goods (inheritance) before time and this was given to him. As a result of his sudden wealth, he left home to a far country where he became the “star” of the nation.

He became so important that in every occasion he was the donor. Every social occasion he was the centre of attraction with so many girls screaming for his attention. Until he spent all his money and found out what we all have to learn in life that you are as important to your friends when you are still useful to them.

You are as important to your friends and associates when you are the giver who pick up their bills. You are as important in your relationship as long as you have the blood for the leech to suck! As soon as you have no more blood, you are insignificant.

This son when he spent all that he had then went to another level of humiliation. He joined himself to the citizen of the same country that he once was a star to work on his farm looking after swine, and since there was no more money, he had to eat the food of the swine!
I ask myself this question, what was the agreed salary for his labour?

The food of the swine.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what your condition is today, come home.

Yes I know you left the relationship with Jesus Christ soon after you got married to the man of your dream but now it has become a nightmare, yes I know you walked away soon after you got the promotion at work, soon after your prayer was answered and you became so important in the society that you hardly have Christians in your circle of influence. You now see them as hypocrites and unrealistic people who are not living in real world. You said to yourself that those days are over of walking with fellow Christians!

Who need all those boring friends you said. All they ever talked about was “Praise the Lord” “God is good” they pray in tongues all the time, stay in church for hours when you should be enjoying a day at the beach with “friends” driving your latest MC cruising around the town with your new “friends”…

Now where are your so called “friends” now in this time of economic crunch?

Where are all the money and fame you once enjoyed? Where are those shares and bonds and the job that occupied your heart and turn you away from God. Where are the “girls and boys” who lured you away from your wife and even your husband as we are also finding out now.

Remember, whatever you had in life will be kept through the way you received it.

If your wealth and prosperity is from God through prayer in Jesus name, it is through the same process you shall keep it. If it is through scheming, plotting and immoral act, it is through the same you shall keep it.

Beloved, come back home to Jesus Christ today.

Remember when you used to be in fellowship with Him. The joy you once shared and peace you once experienced is still available for you once again!

Remember the testimonies you once shared about the Lord.


You are a fallen son, not a fallen angel, there is still hope for you while you are still alive. You can still get up and come back HOME.

Pick up your Bible and visit the Bible believing Church next to you. Yes you can even visit us if you are in London. The details of our church services can be found on our website But to not respond to this call is to regret forever.

In our Father’s house are many blessings and mansions waiting and He is waiting for your return home.

The son said to himself I will arise, go home and ask my father for forgiveness and he did. He went back home and instead of judgement and rebuke, there was a big PARTY.

When you ask for forgiveness and you turn to Him, He will receive you.
Go on your knees and pray the way you know to do in your own words.
God’s Angels are waiting for the celebration party right now!

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