Welcome to the Month of March

Is it not amazing that we began the year few months ago and now we are in the month that we all know is about to change the UK political and economic landscape for ever.

Brexit Month
Without getting into the politics of the nation, the purpose of God for our lives should be more important than any political plans.

I know that at the beginning of the year many of us have a prayer list tabled before the Most High God and we believe Him to answer us.

The question I asked my people in service was “in your prayer list, what priority did you place soul winning?”

I asked them to check their prayer list in case they forgot or did not even include soul winning as a matter of priority.

This month, I want to encourage you and challenge you also to read the book of Psalm 2.

The writer said that “…nations are angry and the people plot vain thing..”

This Messianic Psalm is so true today as it was when it was written. The world is still plotting against the purpose of God, the Word of God and His Kingdom agenda. The people are still plotting vain things because they have no knowledge of our God. They do not know that the clay cannot plot against the Potter.

In the midst of this their plots and schemes souls are caught up in their wicked ways and it takes those of us who know our God to step in reach out to the confused, the afflicted, the sick and the sinful. To show them the love of God and the let them know the consequences of rejecting such love and grace.

So I ask you my reader, ‘Is soul winning on your prayer list?’

Soul winning is more than talking. It’s about spiritual warfare too. It’s about asking God for divine appointment to know who is ready for harvest and where?

It’s about priority of your day and time.

Kindly check you prayer list and make soul winning a matter of urgency. It is a matter of urgency to God now before the door of grace is shut!

Remember the word of God says “He who wins soul is wise” (Proverbs 11:30)

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