Check your gauge

Last month while driving to work, my car started to make some strange noises when I pressed the accelerator. In fact it was struggling to stay in second gear then I noticed on my dashboard that the oil light was on. The oil light had been on for some days but I ignored it. I anxiously prayed that my car wouldn’t break down before I had a chance to park it in a safe and convenient place. Mercifully it didn’t break down and I parked it up safely. I said to myself that I must buy the car oil before getting to the car that night. So after work I went straight to the petrol station and bought the oil.
After putting the car oil into my car with some joy, I decided to check some other things in my car. I was surprised to find that my coolant was exceeding low. So I went the boot of my car, only to find that I didn’t have any coolant, so I had to very temporarily use plain water.

You see if you don’t have enough oil in your car, it’s probable that your car engine will cease up it. If you don’t have sufficient coolant in your car, it’s possible your car will over heat, and if your car tyres do not have enough air in them, then your fuel consumption will probably increase.

So what is my point you ask? My point is this, what checks are you doing to make sure that your relationship with the Lord are on a sure footing. It is very easy to get caught up in church activities and miss out on a real relationship with the Lord. Do you have a regular prayer or reflective time to yourself? A time where it’s just you and God or have you moved away from your First Love?

Here’s a prayer that I want to close this article with.

“Lord, open my eyes to the things I’m not seeing, open my ears to the things I’m not hearing. Soften my heart to be corrected and to receive correction.”

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