Are You Plugged In?

Have you ever noticed that if you plug in any electric device into an electric socket, you need to turn it on? In order for the device to work, it must be turned on both at the electric socket and by the appliance. So here’s a question for you. Are you in a church, ministry or working for an organisation and you’re not tuned into their values? Sad to say there are many people just going through the motions. They go to church or work, but ask them about their organisation’s principles or core values and they can’t tell you. They’re just going through the motions – the lights are on but no one’s at home.

The same can be said of our relationship with the Lord Jesus. Are you a believing unbeliever? You say you’re a believer but somewhere along the road, you stopped believing in the Living God. You’re just going through those motions. You have confessed Jesus as your Lord, but He isn’t really because you’ve allowed Christian duties to take the place of real fellowship with Him, i.e. knowing Him for who He truly is.

Allow me address this issue as an employee and believer.

To the employee first. The way I look at it you have two options to consider.

Option 1. Ask yourself why you’re really at your place of work. Maybe in fairness you have outstayed your welcome and it’s time to move onto new pastures for the sake of all parties concerned. Remember as an employee, you must solve problems not create them. Generally speaking most organisations want proactive people, whether they are secular or Christian. But if you plan to stay then you need to look at Option 2.

Option 2. Go back and find out all you can about your organisation. Find out what their core principles and values are. Find out what they mean to you on a day-to-day basis. Change your attitude from being work-shy to workhorse. Take that chip off your shoulder. Get all the training you can get, so that you can be an asset not a liability to them.

To the believer.

As a believer, if you find yourself in this situation – just going through the motions, then it is very likely to you have strayed from your first love – Jesus. In Matthew 22:37 we are told how to love the Lord Jesus. No amount of ministry work can be done without having a living, loving relationship with Jesus. So I plead with you, go back to Jesus and fall in love with Him again. Repent of your humanist ways and ask Him to forgive you. Ask Him to fill you afresh with His Holy Spirit because if you have strayed from Jesus, you have also strayed from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit empowers you to do the will of God, so it is essential for you to have fellowship with Him.

One brief note, please serve your local church faithfully. Get connected to your church’s core principles and values. Know your visionary and the leaders under them. And do all you can to use your gifts and talents to be an asset to them and your community.

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