An Open Letter to Parents from a Mother

Dear Sir/Ma,

It is with gladness of heart and at the same time with serious concern that I write you today.

To all fathers who are there for their children, I am grateful and thank you. Thank you mothers too, those who are there to nurture their children especially the tenderness of the heart of a child. Thank you for those parents evenings that you are present, thank you for the hugs and kisses without violating their sexuality. Thank you for teaching them to honour God and His ministry as they see you do so. Not that they see you despise the Pastor and planned to separate them from the friends they knew all their lives in church without honour for their Pastor. You will just sow rebellion and dishonour which sadly will hunt you for the rest of your life except you repent and they witnessed your repentance. Oh thank you to helpful, servant parents at home. Not that you could afford au pairs even to those who can afford it, thank you to dads that are helpful to mums.

As you could read, there are loving parents and servant parents too (my parents are one).

I am glad because you are a parent and you are reading my letter. I am concerned because some parents don’t know the enormous responsibility place on you for being a parent. That God entrusted the plan for godly legacy in your hand is an honour and privilege.

A child once asked, “Mum why are you crying? Why is Dad so mean? Why is Dad not home all the time? Why can’t he help us at home? Why is he not allowing you to answer his calls?”

Such questions are not supposed to be heard in UK 21st century church-going homes, but it’s still ringing in the ears of those of us who are responsible before God to give leadership and directions to the saints of God in our Pastoral jurisdiction and even in some of our homes too. You see, a cycle is often repeated but you can choose not to repeat the cycle of defeat that caused you to despise what your father did to your mother. Some of you are provoking your children to anger (Ephesians 6:4) and you have sold your future with your action of today.

If you do not notice already that the children of today are not like your generation who cannot talk when wickedness is done. Your children are being raised in social media age.

Don’t be surprised when they present you on social media like a child in Nigeria who presented her dad on TV as selfish and unhelpful at home but “he’s a good man” not to further bruise his ego. Please kill your ego before it kills you. You will not always be young.

Mothers, for the sake of your children package yourself well and live constructively.

Crying always in their presence (as painful as it is) won’t solve the issue at hand.

You have life to live. Don’t let cancer cut it short; and by the way if you have not raised your children to thrive after you, then you sure are living a wasted life.

So my dear, go back to school. Brush yourself up! Stop sulking and suck it up. Life is not a bed of roses (sorry I am not trying to rob it in); and to get roses you have to side tract the thorns.

Get a job. No woman should wait on their husband for money (yak)!

Get yours! Yes joint account or no joint account, get yours to contribute fully in the account. God made you complete in yourself.

Fulfil your purpose. Give your children especially your daughters hope! Let them see that devil is not winning in your home. Let those you have authority over know that a virtuous woman is actively alive at home.

Live constructively and purposefully.

I pray that the grace of God multiply over you to raise godly offspring and for mothers to pick you up from where like Mephibosheth, you were dropped accidentally by those supposed to care for you.

It’s not over!

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