Amazing God with Amazing Wonders

It’s amazing to know that we have just ended four months in the year 2016!

For us as a church, it’s been an amazing year of open doors so far. Opportunities are opening up for God’s people. Opportunity to be Christ’s witness wherever we are. It sure is harvest time. Opportunities to excel in our spheres of influence.

An effective door was opened for us in April, where we experienced the mighty Hand of God to save and deliver, in the nation of Sierra Leone.

After years of sufferings and pain brought about by Ebola, we saw how God is rebuilding the nation through the good news of Salvation and international community working to help rebuild the land. There is still more to be done but slowly and surely Sierra Leone is getting there – Praise God!

Beloved remember the word of the Lord before His ascension. He commanded us to,

“Go to the nations”.

The word nation is not just about political land map but ethnicity. We are to preach to different tribes and tongues from various parts of the world.

Today we live in a city that is so cosmopolitan – a district called Bermondsey within the City of London is rich with people from different parts of the world. All races tribes and tongues live here and we love them. London is rich with food from different parts of the world and so also spiritual food must be served by God’s people too.

London is a mission field on its own and beloved I encourage you to step into the open door of opportunity to be a blessing to your community – before the era of grace is no more.

We are in a different season now that many visitors are coming into our city and district, like your district too. Seize the moment and experience the same power we experienced in Sierra Leone and in other parts of the world where the gospel is preached and disciples are made.

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