We have entered into a season of festivities as we draw ever closer to the end of year.

Usually for many these last weeks before 2015 will be spent looking for gifts or organising dinners or spending time with the family. A lot of us will do a stock take and ponder over the year asking the question “How did the year go so quickly? Didn’t we just say ‘Happy New Year’ in January?”

This is true for me, it’s been a challenging but progressive year with even more lessons learnt but it marks nearly two years since I finished university and embarked on my journey into the real adult world.

I remember a few months after finishing university Pastor asked me to join the welcome team. I thought to myself “Welcome team hmmm… is this really for me? What would I do? Would I be effective?” Thinking about it now, back then I was really anxious but I can clearly see that this is where God wants me to be.

Slowly but surely God began to work on me and changing my outlook on ministry. At times I would get so annoyed at myself that perhaps I didn’t ask enough questions in welcoming people, but the ultimate lesson I have learnt is to rely on the Holy Spirit. The bible says in John 14:16 that the Holy Spirit is The Helper we can to rely on.

Serving in the welcome team is truly an experience – to welcome people to HOTRIC and extend the love of Christ is a beautiful thing. Whenever a new person enters our church for the first time I get excited because this is an opportunity for God to transform a person’s life through me.

The welcome team ministry reminds me of the way Jesus carried Himself each day with love and compassion for the people. In Luke 19:9 it says that Jesus came to save the lost; He came for people; He never showed His back to people but He embraced them. From the woman with the issue of blood to the 5,000 who He feed – Christ had compassion.

During this season when there is usually a boom in the number of people coming to church especially on the 31st December – let’s show compassion, let’s love like our Lord Jesus Christ and have compassion for the precious souls He died for.

It doesn’t matter how they come in or their appearance let’s love first!

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