2014 Year of Restoration!

“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust, My great army which I sent among you. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you; and My people shall never be put to shame. Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel: I am the Lord your God and there is no other. My people shall never be put to shame.”
Joel 2:25-27.

Happy fruitful and prosperous New Year!

To God alone be the glory once again that we have entered the year with great joy, and full of expectation of seeing the plans of God fulfilled in our lives.

Beloved over the years, we have learnt that God is committed to His purpose of establishment. Purpose of birthing or pioneering, and whatever He began, He is committed, faithful and loyal to His word to see it accomplished.

You are not reading this message by accident. You are a man and a woman of purpose, kept alive to see this year.

This is a year like no other. It is 2014!

From Exodus 12:6-7, it was on the fourteenth day of the first month of the year that Israel experienced deliverance from the bondage of Egypt. There are three sets of fourteen generations before the birth of Christ, and according to biblical keys to scriptural numerics, fourteen is a number of deliverance and salvation.

The purpose of your deliverance is that you can be restored to the original intent according to God’s plan for your life. You see, somewhere along the journey of your life, you took a wrong turn based on wrong counsel you listened to. You took a wrong exit from where the Lord was leading you. You made yourself to believe in wrong gods who could not speak, who have eyes but could not see. You made people to be gods in your life and neglected the Only true Source of Life. You depended on human connections to get you to the next level and as a result you suffered greatly. You were dumped like Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan (David’s friend).

As a result of making wrong decisions, trusting wrong folks, trusting your own vain imaginations, and turning away from God, you suffered greatly. Beloved I want you to know that God’s plan for you has not changed hence this year is crucial in His agenda for you.

You are still His chosen one. You are His royal priesthood, a peculiar man and woman protected to live and serve His cause in this dispensation before the door of grace is shut.

Yes you missed it before but His mercy has kept you and protected you to cross over into 2014, it means you matter in His end time plan for the Body of Christ and your world. I write to encourage you that this year, the Lord will restore you and you will never suffer shame again. Do I have a witness? If you bear witness can I ask you to shout Halelluyah!

You shall be delivered from the house of Machir – where you have been sold out to or even sold yourself (depending on how you get there), you shall be delivered from the son of Ammiel – from darkness where there is no fruitfulness but shame and lack of vision with no promise to fulfil. You shall be delivered from the place where the little you sowed dried up and for years you could not show anything for your labour – I am not talking about money in your bank account only, I mean to live a constructive Kingdom life!

You shall be restored to a life that pleases the Lord. You shall be delivered and restored to live a purpose driven life. You shall be delivered and restored to fertility and productive life; where you will no longer be a reproach to your wife, husband, children, relations, church of God and/or the society.

You see my family and friends, there is nothing worse in life than waking up in the morning and asking yourself ‘why am I alive?’ and you can’t wait for the day to end! Whereas there are some that even pray for the day not to end as they have God’s task to accomplish and a life to live for God.

Both the rich and the poor are given 24 hours a day. It is what we all use our day for with our gifts, talents and graces that matters. When you are busy fulfilling purpose, you don’t want the day to end quickly. After all, Joshua was busy fighting and he realised that the day was running to an end and the battle had not finished, he commanded the sun to be still over Gibeon and the moon in the valley of Aijalon; and they both stood still till the people had revenge upon their enemies (Joshua 10:12-13).

Which side of this coin are you right now? Be expectant of a major shift in your life. Yes you sinned but if you have asked God to forgive you, trust me He has! I am a living witness of the forgiving blessing from the nature of God. After all if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. But if we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:8-9). I have come to know and live in this truth and I have seen the grace of God on all occasions of life.

Yes you fell in 2013 or even before then. Sin tripped you, wrong decisions tripped you, finding yourselves in the midst of wrong association caused you to trip and fall. Ignoring the love and merciful Hands of God while you copied the world to set your standards has caused you to trip and fall. BUT beloved realise now that the Hand of grace and love is still reaching out to you. Reach out to that Hand now to get up so you can experience the joy and peace you have always wanted. Let Him lead you out of the house of the one who sold you out or where you sold yourself. Let Him lead you out of the house of darkness where there is no vision and even if you ever see, it was dim and not with clarity. Let Him lead you out of the dead end where the land is dry without fertile pasture.

To experience restoration fully, the Lord will by His Spirit rearrange your circle of influence. Don’t fight the process through your will. Chose to say “let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done.”

May this year truly be your year of restoration indeed.